Photography by Paul and Jacs

Wedding Photographer

Would you like your day to be captured the way you want it? Do you want to have fun while it is done? Do you want images that are beautiful, fresh, natural and emotional?

We will deliver! Beautiful images capturing special moments, we do this in an unobtrusive way that makes your day just that, YOUR day!

Below is a slideshow of some of our favourite example images but check out our gallery for full weddings and shoots.

Paul – Bio
Paul started life in photography at 14 when he got his first “proper” camera, interchangeable lenses, light meters and flashguns being the gadgets of the day. He joined a club and spent many weekends trawling around the coutryside photographing everything from plants to people. Finding out why one photograph worked when another didn’t!

Then as a career, he moved into technology, his career took him from being a computer programmer through to the lofty position of a management consultant with Hewlett Packard.

When he was made redundant, he found himself at a loose end, not knowing where to head next and then through his partner (Jacs) parents, renowned wedding photographers in South Wales, he became enthralled once again with the possibilities of the world of photography. He has spent the last 18 months developing his skills in the digital world, under the watchful eye of Gary and Sue Photography (put their names into google and be amazed at their imagery). Now with Jacs by his side, this innovative couple are taking their ideas, passions and skills to create stunning images from weddings through to professional portraits.

Take a look at what they can produce and if you want something original, fun and of exceptional quality, get in touch.

Paul and Jacs, the future of photography.

Jacs – Bio
For the last 18 years, Jacs has been immersed in the world of professional photography, with photographs adorning every wall of their house from her mid teens through to now. Jacs is an entirely visual person, her ability to spot a beautiful image is almost a sixth sense. She sees what the camera will produce and time after time, her photographs exude emotion and capture the moment.

Jacs has an innate ability to see the colour and composition of a photograph. As you look through the galleries on this site, you can spot Jacs work as being the off-camera shots, those taken from the side, peeking through trees and plants, capturing the magic moments between the posed and directed shots.

Jacs has an easy unobtrusive manner, balanced by Paul’s enthusiasm and engaging personality. They make an amazing team that will capture your day, event and personality so that you can reflect, remember and immerse yourself in the moment.

If you want imagination, innovation and fun, get in touch and meet the team that will preserve your memories for a lifetime.

Our Clients:

Some of the wonderful businesses we have worked with to help showcase their goods & services:

Spectrum Curtains & Blinds – boutique supplier & installer of quality window furnishings.

My Christmas – unique Christmas decorations & trees for sale online.

Hampers With Bite – the perfect gifts for your clients at Christmas.

Dolphin Pools – stunning swimming pool company.

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