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Gift Ideas For Babies

Toys and gifts stimulate the senses of babies. Even babies who are only a year old and cannot properly hold a toy are ready for some fun and action. Infants or young babies are constantly trying to learn about things around them. Therefore, if you are considering presenting toys and other gifts to the baby, make sure the gifts present an element of contrast – either through visuals, movements and sounds – that is easily discernible from the real world, providing some feedback in the process.


Multiple toys or even basic household items, such as pans and pots, can help babies explore their world. As a parent or caregiver, it’s imperative you facilitate this experimentation. You should not just let the baby play with the toy all by itself but become part of the interaction too. Letting babies figure out things that happen, soliciting response from the baby when a specific thing happens, etc. would help the kid become more curious about and engaged in the act. A xylophone is a solid gift to concoct such instances and reactions.

Container Sets

Babies like stacking, hitting and dropping things. Similarly, they also enjoy emptying and filling containers. A set of building bath pipes lets kids experiment while they bathe, with each individual piece coming with a unique moving component that’s water-activated. The moving parts of these sets feed the baby’s curiosity attached to things going up, down, in and out. Moving parts invariably attract 1-year-olds, which is why they go behind everything in the house that isn’t a toy.

Baby Hampers

One of the more solid and comprehensive baby gift ideas is a hamper or gift box. This is primarily because you can design them by yourself or have a major say in the components of these boxes. With traditional gifts, you get what you buy and there isn’t much customization involved. The customization option attached to baby’s hampers help fit in gift items into the box that you would like to have. Also, these hampers can be tailored to match your budget and style.

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are engaging enough to soothe an otherwise bored kid when you’re on the subway or stuck in line. Most parents usually get tempted to hand their babies an iPhone or similar piece of tech. But giving in to the temptation would be detrimental for the baby both in the short and long run. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), parents are advised against gifting tech products to kids, particularly the ones who have not turned two yet. Squishy bead toys would hold the baby’s attention and invigorate their motor skills in a safer manner. The toy not just rattles upon shaking but it also comprises beads which move around, thereby giving it a sensory aspect.

Mini Cooking Set

If your baby is two, gift him/her a mini cooking set. When kids indulge in pretence play, they are developing language and narrative skills. Therefore, get them mini cooking items as gift, such as a mixing spoon or their own mini roller, and allow them to join in when the dinner preparations are on in the house. Though the baby may not help much, they need not know that.

Remember, the above list is certainly not exhaustive by any means but are solid gift options to start with. Regardless of the gift you get your baby, make sure it has practical usage, sentimental value and a certain level of uniqueness.

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