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Wedding Music

Enjoying an Unforgettable Wedding with the Help of a World Class Band

When it comes to planning a wedding, most people will dive straight in at the deep end and hire a venue, book the caterers and plan the guest list.

But what about those of you that understand the importance of entertainment and don’t want to settle for a last-minute band?

Well, you’re the types of people that clearly have your priorities in order – and if you’re anything like the countless satisfied couples that have booked The Hunter Duo, you could find your decision made all the easier.

Who are The Hunter Duo?

They are a pair of incredibly experienced and diversely skilled musicians that have been responsible for providing musical entertainment to guests and party goers for almost two decades.

Hailing from backgrounds that specialise in the art of covering music, both members are as capable of playing traditional, classic songs as they are of covering modern tracks and everything in between.

The pair (Sam and Stuart) don’t offer your everyday, run of the mill wedding reception band services either; in fact, they proudly offer three individual ways to enjoy their musical prowess – making them ideal for unique weddings and specialist events.

Option one allows for two acoustic guitars to be played by each musician, providing the ideal atmosphere for a mellow or chilled-out event.

Option two is a little more upbeat, with options for an acoustic guitar and drums (electronic) to add life to the celebrations.

The third option is what the duo refer to as the Hunter trio – a step up from their regular duo service whereby an additional member can be brought in to cover several instruments, as well as to add an extra voice to the music.

How can you learn more about them or book their services?

It’s simple – just visit their website, take a look at their song list to get an idea of what types of music they can bring to the table and then send them a quick email. It’s easy to do and the band are incredibly friendly; so much so, that you’ll probably find yourself chatting effortlessly as you share your wedding day hopes and aspirations with them.

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